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Pic16F887A - Dip Pic16F887A - Dip    S000726 PIC 55.000 đ Số lượng: 100 con

  • Pic16F887A - Dip

  • Đăng ngày 05-07-2016 06:30:20 AM - 1383 Lượt xem
  • Giá bán: 55.000 đ


Số lượng

The PIC16F887 is one of the latest products from Microchip. It features all the components which modern microcontrollers normally have. For its low price, wide range of application, high quality and easy availability, it is an ideal solution in applications such as: the control of different processes in industry, machine control devices, measurement of different values etc. Some of its main features are listed below.

  • RISC architecture
    • Only 35 instructions to learn
    • All single-cycle instructions except branches
  • Operating frequency 0-20 MHz
  • Precision internal oscillator
    • Factory calibrated
    • Software selectable frequency range of 8MHz to 31KHz
  • Power supply voltage 2.0-5.5V
    • Consumption: 220uA (2.0V, 4MHz), 11uA (2.0 V, 32 KHz) 50nA (stand-by mode)
  • Power-Saving Sleep Mode
  • Brown-out Reset (BOR) with software control option
  • 35 input/output pins
    • High current source/sink for direct LED drive
    • software and individually programmable pull-up resistor
    • Interrupt-on-Change pin
  • 8K ROM memory in FLASH technology
    • Chip can be reprogrammed up to 100.000 times
  • In-Circuit Serial Programming Option
    • Chip can be programmed even embedded in the target device
  • 256 bytes EEPROM memory
    • Data can be written more than 1.000.000 times
  • 368 bytes RAM memory
  • A/D converter:
    • 14-channels
    • 10-bit resolution
  • 3 independent timers/counters
  • Watch-dog timer
  • Analogue comparator module with
    • Two analogue comparators
    • Fixed voltage reference (0.6V)
    • Programmable on-chip voltage reference
  • PWM output steering control
  • Enhanced USART module
    • Supports RS-485, RS-232 and LIN2.0
    • Auto-Baud Detect
  • Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP)
    • supports SPI and I2C mode


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