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STM32F100C8T6 STM32F100C8T6   S000731 ARM 130.000 đ Số lượng: 1000 con

  • STM32F100C8T6

  • Đăng ngày 05-07-2016 06:55:39 AM - 2115 Lượt xem
  • Giá bán: 130.000 đ


Số lượng

Key Features

  • Core: ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU24 MHz maximum frequency,1.25 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1) performanceSingle-cycle multiplication and hardware division
  • Memories16 to 128 Kbytes of Flash memory4 to 8 Kbytes of SRAM
  • Clock, reset and supply management2.0 to 3.6 V application supply and I/OsPOR, PDR and programmable voltage detector (PVD)4-to-24 MHz crystal oscillatorInternal 8 MHz factory-trimmed RCInternal 40 kHz RCPLL for CPU clock32 kHz oscillator for RTC with calibration
  • Low powerSleep, Stop and Standby modesVBAT supply for RTC and backup registers
  • Debug modeSerial wire debug (SWD) and JTAG interfaces
  • DMA7-channel DMA controllerPeripherals supported: timers, ADC, SPIs, I2Cs, USARTs and DACs
  • 1 × 12-bit, 1.2 μs A/D converter (up to 16 channels)Conversion range: 0 to 3.6 VTemperature sensor
  • 2 × 12-bit D/A converters
  • Up to 80 fast I/O ports37/51/80 I/Os, all mappable on 16 external interrupt vectors and almost all 5 V-tolerant
  • Up to 12 timersUp to three 16-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter16-bit, 6-channel advanced-control timer: up to 6 channels for PWM output, dead time generation and emergency stopOne 16-bit timer, with 2 IC/OC, 1 OCN/PWM, dead-time generation and emergency stopTwo 16-bit timers, each with IC/OC/OCN/PWM, dead-time generation and emergency stop2 watchdog timers (Independent and Window)SysTick timer: 24-bit downcounterTwo 16-bit basic timers to drive the DAC
  • Up to 8 communications interfacesUp to two I2C interfaces (SMBus/PMBus)Up to 3 USARTs (ISO 7816 interface, LIN, IrDA capability, modem control)Up to 2 SPIs (12 Mbit/s)Consumer electronics control (CEC) interface
  • CRC calculation unit, 96-bit unique ID
  • ECOPACK®packages

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